About Us

Boston Creations, LLC has been creating and honing handcrafted soaps and other items since 2012. We offer array of handcrafted bar soaps, liquid soaps, soy candles, soy wax melts and crafts. Our items are:

Vegan Friendly ● Cruelty Free ● Handcrafted In Small Batches

Our “cold process” soaps and “novelty” soaps include luxurious and sustainable ingredients from reputable suppliers.  Our soaps are offered in a selection and/or combination of all natural, vegan, palm free and fragrance-free options and are also:

Sulfate free ● Detergent free ● Paraben free ● Phthalate free

Our candles and wax melts are crafted using all-natural soy wax. Natural soy wax is: 

Eco-friendly ● Renewable ● Has less carbon ● Burns slower and cooler

Our mission is to offer an assortment of quality and unique handmade products that are a more safe and natural alternative than commercial products. We aim to educate others about all our handmade products, ingredients, and their benefits. We are quite conscientious in our selection of suppliers and raw materials. We are creative in our formulations, style, and branding and careful in our production. As a small business, we are hands on during the entire process of our products. We have control over every phase and aspect of the production cycle from beginning to end. We take the utmost care in creating and packaging our quality products. Our items are creative, eye catching and meticulously handcrafted with the consumers best interest in mind. We have a personal passion for what we create and are confident in our finished products. We continually explore new ways of bringing quality and unique handmade products to others.


Boston Creations has been recognized by Bramble Berry Inc. for “beautiful color palette and…luxurious texture”.

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Boston Creations is a regular weekly vendor with the Lake Nona Saturday Market which supports the Back to Nature Wildlife Refugee.



Boston Creations is member of Essential Depot’s Greener Life Club. Greener Life Diamond aims to pioneer the tool that will make ethical consumption a habit in the soap and cosmetic marketplace. The Greener Life Diamond shows whether a company is involved in processes towards sustainability such as animal friendly, bio health, carbon footprint and fair trade. Greener Life Diamond members are companies that value kindness and social responsibility. These companies also provide tangible, reliable information about the health, social and environmental benefits of a product at the point of purchase. The Greener Life Diamond helps reliable companies to differentiate their products in the soap and cosmetic industry. The aspect of the Greener Life Diamond helps consumers to make responsible choices in purchasing.